Overall goal

The overall goal is to open a dialogue among companies, researchers and students on hot topics in Software Engineering. This should be helped by a hands-on experiments delivered in an entertaining manner in a time-boxed brainstorming format.


For a successful event it is important that challenges meet with the capabilities of the participants. In order to achieve that the preparation is the key. Therefore, the preparation will be a continuous process starting from the announcement of the draft topics by companies in mid September. The organizers team will than work closely with companies to shape the topics. The topics will be publicly available so that prospective team members can ask questions and discuss possible solutions to be experimented. That way the fit-for-challenge teams will be formed.

Judging, Voting and Rewards

The nature of the topics and preparation conditions being so divers as well as maturity of experiments and tools, we can only afford judging if the presentation is interesting and entertaining for the audience.

All team members will receive “Participant Certificates”. The audience favorite presentation will receive a special certificate with a symbolic prize, though the main outcome should be the new knowledge gained and interesting contacts.

The audience will be propose to evaluate the final presentations by the teams in the following categories:

  • Understanding business context. Importance of the topic for the company or/and society

  • Technical contribution of the team towards the objectives of the challenge

  • Overall quality and entertainment level of the final presentation

The team with the best average score will win.

Registration fees

The hackathon is free of charge for all participants.