CASE in Tools 2019

1st International Hackathon, Co-located with Tools 50+1 Conference,

Innopolis University, Oct. 19

What it is all about?

Title: Hackathon – CASE in Tools

Location: Tools 50+1 Conference at Innopolis University

When: October 19, 2019

Description: Co-located with the Tools 50+1 conference, the CASE in Tools hackathon is open to companies, students, researchers and engineers to experiment together with all kinds of tools for Software Engineering (SE). This event offer the following opportunities:

  • For companies: gather expertise and new ideas on interesting practices, find interns, find a team for an MSIT studio project, promote your Company.

  • For students: find an interesting area to work on after graduation; find an idea for a start-up; find a company for internships.

  • For researchers: the hackathon is a means to validate their ideas on a case study.

  • For engineers: this is a meeting point to share SE practices in hands-on activities.


  • Home work

    • (tentative) September 15. Companies announce the challenges for a 4 hours’ experiments

    • September 15 – October 5. Organizer help to shape topics. Interested participants publicly discuss challenges. Participants form teams including 1..n Company Representative + 1..n practitioner.

  • At Hackathon (October 19)

    • Morning, companies pitch SE challenges in 10 minute’s presentations.

    • Teams will have 4 hours to work on experiments, prepare a demo and a presentation.

    • In the evening, the teams will pitch the results with 10minutes demos/presentations.

    • The audience will vote for the most interesting and entertaining pitch. Organizers will distribute the award certificates.


The companies are invited to submit challenges for experiments in the following topics :

  • Project management support

  • Repository mining

  • Integrated views for quality management

  • Requirements traceability

  • Combining Enterprise Architecture with SE

  • Software Product Lines – managing variability in code, design and other artifacts

  • Quality management

  • Automated testing

  • Static analysis

  • Formal methods

  • CI/CD

  • Documentation

  • Multi-Cloud deployment

  • Model-driven Engineering/Development

  • Code generation

  • CASE


Questions and suggestions: