Agenda 2021

Meeting place: IU room 300.

Here is the teleconference link for the event: Zoom

Morning session:

  • 9.00msk - Joining and Welcome (Andrey)

  • 9.10msk - Rostelecom - Analysis of tools for automating documenting Enterprise Architectures (Konstantin)

  • 9.20msk - Mobioos - Analysing an effort for building a product line with Mobioos Forge tool (Tewfik)

  • 9.30msk - Dokonuz - Quick commerce (or q-commerce) is the next generation of e-commerce. Fast delivery system. (Doston)

  • 9.40msk - Selection of image completing in cloud gaming (Daulet)

  • 9.50msk - - evaluating usability of a SaaS tool for sharing best coding practises. (Cedric)